In this post, I use Python Pandas & Python Matplotlib to analyze and answer business questions about 12 months worth of sales data. The data contains hundreds of thousands of electronics store purchases broken down by month, product type, cost, purchase address, etc. The dataset can be downloaded here. In this analysis, I’m using jupyter notebook.


  1. What was the best month for sales? How much was earned that month?
  2. What city sold the most product?
  3. What time should we display advertisements to maximize likelihood of customer’s buying products?
  4. What Products are most often sold together?
  5. What product sold the most…

Are you here because you want to get better at chess? Or because you just watched The Queen’s Gambit Series on Netflix? It’s okay, y’all are welcomed here.

Chess is a recretional and competitive board game played between two players. If you want to improve your chess game, you need to learn several theories. Chess theory usually divides the game of chess into three phases with different sets of strategies: the opening, the middlegame, and the endgame. Now, we’re gonna focus on the opening called Ruy-Lopez. In this article, I will just cover some common lines.

Note: If you already…

Alfi Futuhi

Data Science enthusiast. Indonesian

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